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The staff is the foundation of what a restaurant becomes. "Staff" is not just about the women and men committed to come to work each day. They are the people whom we turn to for collaboration, opinions, and ideas. You will find a mix of nationalities on the Casa Pablo team – people who create a unique atmosphere and are committed to ensuring that our guests have an unforgettable experience.

Casa Pablo is owned by Pablo Martin and Gonzalo de Salas both from Madrid as well as Grace Olczak-Martin and Magda Olczak both from USA.

For me, CASA PABLO is a dream come true. I wanted to have a restaurant that would work in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao or any big city of Spain and I am proud to say that we have achieved that. I think the biggest compliment we get is when the Spanish customers tell us that they wish that CASA PABLO was in Spain and not in Poland, that it is incredible that they have to travel 3000 km to eat this well.

Pablo Martin Delgado

Executive Chef
Gonzalo de Salas Smith

Cooking has being a huge part of my life as long I can remember. I was always in the kitchen following my mother around everywhere. I love trying new things, the stranger the better. For me cooking is a great way to gather friends and family. There is nothing better than to chit chat around a nice meal and a nice glass of wine. As a chef,I had the chance to travel around the world, learning about cuisine from different cultures and later on putting them all together.

I studied at the New York Restaurant School and got my first job at Eleven Madison Park, a Michelin starred restaurant in Manhattan. Later I decided to go back to Spain as one of my dreams was to become successful back home. I cooked in Madrid were I became who I am, in a culinary way. I became the head chef of two top restaurants, Gaztelupe and El Rincon de Castelló. From there, I further went around the world to gain more experience and to shape my culinary style.

Head Chef
Adam Tusiński

He became a cook thanks to his Mother, which for him is the best cook in the world. The first professional steps put in Fusion restaurant, located in Warsaw Westinie, under the guidance of great chefs. The next step was a few years worked in the UK, where he was head of the shift in the Japanese restaurant Bento. Learning Japanese cuisine inspired him to care about the quality of products and to constantly strive to improve his skills.

Adam has discovered Spanish cuisine thanks to his friends - Pablo and Gonzalo. They've initiated his passion for discovering Spain. Every trip is a lot of beautiful places and lots of culinary inspirations, which then translate to the dishes served at the Casa Pablo restaurant.